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Proconnect3 Remote System – FREE SHIPPING


Proconnect3 Remote System – FREE SHIPPING

Proconnect3 Remote System – FREE SHIPPING


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You can now order a Proconnect3 and have it delivered anywhere in the USA in just 3 business days for $34.95. From Maine to Florida, Hawaii to Alaska, the world’s finest remote is just 3 days away. 

The Proconnect3 remote system is the finest remote in paintball. You simply push the fitting together to connect under pressure and push the button to dis-connect under pressure.  There is no need to depressurize your remote line to separate yourself from your gun. Simply push the button, drop your gun, and you are free to move about. Infinitely more reliable than a slide check, the Proconnect3 can be serviced with no tools and only has one o-ring that ever needs to be replaced. Find out what Proconnect owners have known for 20 years. There is simply not a better remote made.